Fear of Needles (Belonephobia)

Where does the fear of needles come from?

Chances are, when you were a child, you experienced some kind of pain and discomfort when a doctor, or a nurse stuck a needle into your skin, maybe in order to do a blood test, or to give you some treatment, maybe a vaccination. The procedure is not really pleasant but a child can then associate this experience so negatively that later in life this may develop into a significant dislike of needles.

How do you react around needles?

If you are needle-phobic then it is likely that you become extremely tense in the presence of needles. Indeed, even the thought of needles can trigger these anxiety feelings. Sometimes, people suffering belonephobia (fear of needles) become so intense that they may experience the “vagovasal needle reflex”, where there is a sudden drop in blood pressure that may cause you to feel queasy, dizzy, or even cause you to faint.

Consequences of needle phobia

The serious problem that this can cause is the avoidance of doctors, hospitals, necessary medical procedures, necessary dental work, etc. If you are a needle phobic, and have a fear of needles, there really is no need to suffer any longer. Learn to outgrow your fear of needles permanently with the help of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

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Effective Treatment

Hypnotherapy can effectively help you eradicate any sense of unease around needles and empower you to feel strong but calm around the thought of needles or any procedure involving needles.

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I badly needed an operation but I kept putting it off becasue of the idea of having to have an injection. David taught me to use the squeeze technique to completely distract my mind from the needle they put in my arm and the rest took care of itself…….
Sarah McKeown (Lancaster)
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