Stop Smoking Hypnosis

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So you want to quit smoking?

When it comes to smoking cessation the mind may be willing but unfortunately that part of you that is gripped by two powerful urges cannot usually overcome the actual craving - habit and nicotine addiction.

Firstly, smoking is a pattern of behaviour which started when you were probably very young. Most people start smoking as part of their wish to belong to a certain group of friends or through wanting to establish their identity. The lies promoted through the media make you feel that smoking gives you freedom and independence but unfortunately that seduction eventually leads to a lifetime of addiction which in many cases leads to chronic illness.

The second more powerful problem with smoking has, unfortunately nothing to do with that original pattern and that is the addiction to nicotine. Nicotine, like most psycho-active drugs is a chemical based addiction which can be more powerful than heroine. Even though you may think you have overcome your smoking habit, the insidious part of nicotine which keeps you 'hooked' will always win until it is trained to do otherwise. Thankfully through changes in our laws, more and more people are finding that they can overcome smoking because the 'fun' has been taken out of socialising now, having to stand most of the time outside the pub, restaurant, workplace or bar without company.

Does this sound like you?

Many smokers manage through a combination of willpower and determination to give up the evil weed for weeks sometimes months but the moment they find themselves stressed or under pressure the habit immediately returns; slowly at first but before long the habit is back in full.

The other problem is that for those who give up smoking successfully, they often end up substituting the habit for something else, usually food and so a new problem emerges.

Is Hypnotherapy a solution?

For those who have tried everything, will-power, patches, e-cigarettes and tablets and still failed, hypnosis may be a solution. With hypnotherapy we can train your mind to outgrow the original habit and in effect update those subconscious 'files' which want to smoke so that you can shift your perception toward smoking and cigarettes.

What if you could train your mind to be surrounded by cigarettes but simply not see them anymore? In effect, you could end up walking past your packet of cigarettes every day and just see them as another object. No more craving, no more yearning.

Here at Cumbria Hypnosis we believe that regardless of nicotine in the system, once you have patterned smoke-free behaviour for 3 full days and you have begun flushing out the system with a gentle de-tox programme the mind can outgrow the need to smoke and lead you to become smoke free, and more importantly, sustain the change.

Is it easy to stop smoking? As with any change in behaviour, there are no complete guarantees but as with any hypnosis treatment this is generally effective for 85% of people.