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Some days I would fly off the handle because of a small thing my wife would say to me. Controlling anger was down to sheer will power but even then I told myself to calm down it was as though something inside me was driving the anger. Don't know how it works but hypnosis has definitely helped me. I now use methods for releasing my anger and I know this won't be a problem any more.
Ray (Kendal, Cumbria)
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Is anger a problem in your life?
Does anger seem to be ruining parts of your life? If you have noticed that you are constantly irritable or irrational and that the slightest annoyance makes you react with anger. Do you have road rage and struggle to keep calm when driving? If the answer to any of these questions is 'YES' then you may have an anger management issue. Often its other people who may bring it to your attention or you may just feel the experience of anger for inappropriately long periods of time.
Why controlling anger is so important?
Anger can unnecessarily damage or destroy relationships, personal and professional but more importantly it can can also have a detrimental effect on those who are exposed to a constant angry atmosphere, especially children. At work having anger issues can lead to warnings or in more serious cases disciplinaries and dismissals. This negative emotion is damaging on all levels, not least to yourself and your physical as well as mental health. Anger can contribute to acute stress, low self-esteem and even depression and if it persists can even lead to ulcers and stomach problems.
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Where does anger come from?
Anger is a way we express ourselves or respond to another feeling. Maybe you feel threatened or that your boundaries have been violated in some way, maybe you feel someone is taking advantage of you or taking you for granted. Anger is often a way we take back control over a situation, or a way to vent frustration toward suppressed emotions. With most people anger originates during childhood when a strong connection with some kind of event or experience was made. Fear can often promote anger too.
Effective treatment for anger problems through hypnosis and hypnotherapy
Through hypnotherapy we can effectively remove the emotional connection to a particular person or event. Once we can identify the trigger for this anger then through powerful neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis the mind can be taught effective methods for releasing anger before it has chance to build and get out of control.

If you do not live near Cumbria and are unable to visit my clinic, then you might like to try our powerful Mind-Sync anger management Mp3 which you can download immediately by visiting the Mind-Sync Shop. Used regularly this subliminal audio programme can provide you with an effective way to enter a more controlled, relaxed and positive frame of mind.

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