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The UK has one of the highest rates of family breakdown in the Western world, with just 68.9% of children living with both parents, research suggests
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Relationship problems are a part of life
Most relationships undergo pressure at some point, whether through general stress, money concerns, lack of communication, children, infidelity, jealousy or through the many other insecurities which we are all inevitably prone to. In our day and age, the pressures of everyday living are formidable and balancing a healthy private and work based life can lead to all kinds of tensions which damage relationships.
Where does a relationship break down begin?
Often it is a question which has no definite answer, so what is almost certainly more relevant is where is the problem now and how can the situation be improved? When we suppress our emotions and refuse to express them effectively our ability to miscommunicate is stronger than ever. These misunderstandings lead to tensions ,which if not released can form a new pattern of negative behaviour and acceptance that nothing can help.
Releasing negative emotions
Carrying negative feelings about your partner, either through obsessive jealousy or anger creates an atmosphere of perpetual latent stress. Sometimes these tensions develop from previous negative behaviours in old relationships and unless the pattern is reversed this will persist into either damaging the current relationship or preventing the chance of a successful relationship in the future.
Break the cycle with hypnotherapy
Through hypnotherapy treatment you can erase negative old emotions and make way for greater self esteem, confidence and a feeling of control through a more relaxed attitude toward your relationship which is open and sincere. Once you transform how you feel about yourself you can effectively begin re-programming yourself to be more communicative and less repressive. This in turn leads to you being more open and showing more mutual respect and improving the quality of your relationships.
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