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So Does This Sound Like You?

When you want to lose weight, is your first choice to run to the latest fad diet? Often a quick 5 to 10 pounds will come off, then your old eating habits return. If you stick with it to attain your weight goal, you may still find yourself back at the same weight or higher in a few months. Why don't diets work?

A Diet is a Lifestyle, Not an Event

With many diets, you are not eating the way you will eat for the rest of your life. You eat foods you may not like very much and don't find satisfying. If you are determined enough, you stick with it until you reach your goal. But you know this is "just for the diet" rather than finding healthier foods you enjoy in amounts that don't cause weight gain.

Diets Can Be Downers

The very word "diet" is depressing to many of us. We think of giving up foods that are comforting and enjoyable. We think of sitting at a party with celery sticks while other people are eating the sausage rolls. We may even stop socializing because food is a big part of how we interact with friends and family. We feel deprived, alienated and alone, except for others who are dieting. Eventually we give up and enter back into the world of happy uncontrolled eating, carrying negative feelings toward healthier "diet foods."

So is Hypnosis The Answer?

You've probably heard about the newest weight loss system Gastric-Band or Hypno-Band or Mind-Band? Here at Cumbria Hypnosis we know that first you have to change your mind before you can change your body. With hypnosis you are not relying on will power to overcome your craving. Instead you are changing your entire perception toward the foods you normally crave. If you can perceive the foods differently then suddenly they no longer have the same hold over you and you desire them less and less until you simply have a 'take it or leave it' mentality. This is a POWERFUL shift which gives back the control to YOU. Once you recognise the subtle shifts in perception, which I teach you how, you can consume less and ultimately the pounds WILL fall off! Moreover it is long lasting.
What is a Gastric band?

The purpose of a Gastric band or Hypno-band is to restrict the amount of volume in the stomach so that in effect a person feels full quicker and and therefore will gradually find it harder to eat as much and eventually lose weight. The problem with this procedure is that it is often costly and as with any operation involves pain and recovery time.

What if you could train your mind to have a similar response to over eating so that you could feel full quicker, and still be satisfied without needing to turn to the fridge or cupboard one hour later and without all the pain and cost?

With Gastric Band Hypnosis the mind can begin to recognise the all important cut off switch in eating. A person who has been hypnotised, can begin to feel when they are full and re-establish boundaries in terms of the quantity of food they eat. Over time, you can find yourself eating a third less food and losing weight. The beauty of this approach is that the mind can adjust the band automatically so that the right quantity of food per meal is delivered into the body and therefore you never feel hungry.

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I would recommend David Faratian one hundered percent to anyone. In fact I have done to my friends...
Mrs Toni Hill
It's All About Perception

How we perceive food makes us connect with it emotionally. If we learn to encode these foods with positive connections then the food becomes an emotional comfort food which we turn to every time we feel down or bored. The good news is this code can be re-programmed through hypnotherapy

Please take a look at the two pictures. First look at the chocolate bar on the LEFT and give it a score between 1 and 5 for desirability - Now look at the bar on the RIGHT and score this picture and how attracted you feel now. Does it look as tasty?
perception visualization comfort eating craving

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