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Available for immediate download. A full range of Audio Mind programming MP3s using our exclusive Mind-Sync technology for brain entrainment.

Confidence Builder

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Only £7.99 / $12

Use this Mind-Sync audio relaxation mp3 to quickly develop inner confidence and better self-esteem. Whether you are looking for better overall confidence in everyday life or need to develop inner strength for a specific purpose, this mind programming audio can help you achieve the correct state to achieve your goals. This product is available for immediate download.
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Mind Sauna - Stress Management

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Only £7.99 / $12

This powerful Mind-Sync audio programme will gently guide you into a place where your mind can unwind completely and begin re-balancing for a truly stress busting experience. When listened to consistently this product can have positive health benefits, supporting the body in maintaining a healthy balance. This product is available for immediate download.
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Sleep Easy - Insomnia Therapy

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Only £7.99 / $12

This Mind-Sync audio programme is ideal for anyone suffering from insomnia and difficulty in sleeping peacefully. Used regularly this subliminal audio can help you to relax extremely deeply, gradually quietening those distracting thoughts and feelings which can prevent you from entering into the natural rhythm of sleep. This product is available for immediate download.
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Fear Of Flying - Phobia Management

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Only £7.99 / $12

This Mind-Sync audio program guides anyone suffering from a fear of flying into a deep meditative state where they can then begin making changes to their perception of flying through carefully structured suggestions which use a combination of hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming. With regular use this relaxation program you can induce powerful and long lasting changes. This therapy program is available for immediate download.
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Anger Management

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Only £7.99 / $12

This Mind-Sync audio program helps induce the optimal relaxation state. Anger originates through a feeling of being trapped or being out of control. With this Mind-Sync audio relaxation mp3 you can learn to neutralise this inner negativity. Once guided gently to the optimal level of mental focus you can effectively train your subconscious to let go of the negative emotions connected to anger and through neuro-linguistic conditioning techniques you can then reprogramme a much more positive and constructive self image for greater control.
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Fear of Childbirth

self hypnosis for fear of childbirth

Only £9.99 / $15

This Mind-Sync therapy programme helps any expectant mother take control of any negative emotions she may have about giving birth and effectively remove them. Using powerful neuro-linguistic programming techniques which underpin our exclusive Mind-Sync tones, this mp3 can be a very effective tool for conditioning less stress and anxiety prior to giving birth thereby helping the expectant mother to be more mentally prepared and helping her to feel more confident about childbirth before during and after the big day.
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Alcohol Aversion

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Only £9.99 / $15

This Mind-Sync therapy programme is designed to help reduce the symptoms of alcohol addiction. The unique blend of Mind-Sync tones and NLP suggestions gradually train the subconscious mind to disconnect from any attraction to alcohol and with sustained use this recording can help promote a healthier attitude to drinking, and the need for drinking alcohol.

This product cannot guarantee results by itself and for more serious cases of alcohol addiction must only be seen as a tool to run alongside professional therapy.
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The Law of Attraction

alcohol addiction help hypnosis mp3

Only £8.99 / $14

This Mind-Sync relaxation programme gives you access to The Secret of universal power and positive thinking. Have you ever wondered why some people seem to just go through life taking one day at a time and life seems effortless? Are these people any different to you and me, of course not, but they have learnt how to access and use the natural law of attraction to have a happier and more positive life. The law of attraction teaches you that thoughts become our reality and so chose your thoughts wisely as you may just get what you were wishing for or unfortunately what you weren't wishing for. This mind-sync programme teaches you a daily regime of channeling positive intentions so that you become a magnet for whatever you want in life, a new home, a better job, a stronger relationship. Try this programme for yourself and unleash the natural magic of universe into your life.