Fear of Heights (Acrophobia)

The fear of being off the ground

Those who suffer from fear of heights have an extreme and irrational fear. This anxiety can range from being significantly nervous all the way to having an extreme and irrational fear of being or thinking about high places. For someone who suffers the most extreme form of this phobia, then a “high place” might only be a couple of feet off the ground, like standing on a chair, or a couple of rungs up a ladder.

What are the symptoms of fear of heights?

Acrophobia (or fear of heights) shares many symptoms in common with other fears or phobias. Many people can experience feelings of being light-headed, dizzy, or a sudden and rapid decrease in blood pressure, increased heart rate, dry mouth, sweaty palms, and feeling sickness or nausea. Like all the phobias discussed on this website this results from a spontaneous release of the fight or flight hormone adrenaline.

The main problem with fear of heights

This is clearly a limiting condition which can be extremely damaging to a person's everyday life, affecting all kinds of standard activities which other people unaffected take for granted. Of course this may not only affect you but also have an impact on visiting friends and relatives, and it may even impact on those you work with and even your choice of career. Fortunately you don not have to remain gripped by this condition and can choose to effectively train your mind to unlearn the fear so that you can feel normal around heights.

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Effective Treatment

Through a powerful combination of hypnotherapy, hypnosis and NLP we can find the pictures which trigger the negative association around heights and empower you with a set of mental tools which set off very different, more positive feelings around the idea of heights

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During my recent skiing holiday, I found I was relaxed about using a 'chair lift'. When I was confronted by steep slopes to ski down there were no signs of panic unlike my last visit.
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