Fear of Driving (Driving Phobia)

Driving can be feared

The fear of driving, or even driving phobia, is surpisingly common. If you suffer from this, you may find that it is affecting your life unnecessarily. This kind of phobia can prevent you from driving altogether, or make you feel very nervous and anxious while driving, maybe experiencing constant fear or afraid or suddenly developing a panic attack for no reason while driving or even as a passenger.

Where does this fear originate?

When we connect an experience strongly with a negative emotion or memory we create a subconscious trigger or anchor that fires every time we find ourselves exposed to a situation or routine which reminds us of the original experience. Often this anxiety is irrational and over generalised but nevertheless al too real to the person suffering from the problem.

Consequences of driving phobia

Needless to say, this can have really limiting effects on both your working life and your personal life. Driving to and from work can be a nightmare, the thought of driving to visit friends or relatives might be just too much, causing you to miss out on the fun and freedom that most people experience

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Effective Treatment

This problem may be treated through the usual medical routes but the effects are likely to be short lived. If you suffer from fear of driving, driving phobia and driving anxiety, there is a very effective treatment available now. Hypnotherapy can help you to drive normally again, feeling calm, relaxed and in control.

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