Fear of Blood (Haemophobia)

Fear of blood is a common problem.

If you have a fear of blood then you are probably in good company.This condition which is also known as haemophobia, hemophobia, hemaphobia or hematophobia is an anxiety disorder which can cause dizziness, feelings of faintness, a sudden and rapid decrease in blood pressure, palpitations, dry mouth, sweaty palms, and feeling sickness or nausea.

What does this fear of blood stem from?

For many people who experience this irrational fear, this anxiety could potentially have started many years before. Some people can identify the exact moment when their fear began. The fear is most likely to have it’s roots in childhood or teenage years, when you might have experienced an accident, or witnessed someone else bleeding, or maybe it was a traumatic visit to the doctor, or to hospital. It could even start from someone else innocently describing something that happened to them which involved blood. Whatever the reason, hypnosis is a great tool to uncover those memories and emotions that are at the very root of this problem and turn those memories around.

The main problem with being blood phobic

People who experience this fear or phobia of blood may avoid regular check-ups with their GP, they may avoid blood tests, they may refuse to have essential medical procedures and may even endanger their own health as a result.

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Hypnotherapy can help treat the fear of blood

You have the option to end blood phobia and enjoy your life fully again. Through a powerful combination of hypnotherapy, hypnosis and NLP we can find the pictures which trigger the negative association around blood and re-programme the trigger of anxiety to feelings of calmness, relaxation and control when in situations that involve blood.

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Everytime my child came to me with a cut or scrape I would have to leave them with their father to deal with it. I simply began feeling sickā€¦.hypnosis was a last resort and I found that even in a couple of sessions, thinking about blood wasn't making me feel faint like it had done. Thanks David :)
Mary Palmer (Keswick)
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