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I'll Show You How to Relax DEEPER Than Ever Before
In Less Than FIFTEEN MINUTES - With The Power of Your Computer or Smartphone
Use Our REVOLUTIONARY RELAXATION System To Unlock Your Inner Calm
You Cannot Find This ANYWHERE ELSE

Dear Friend -
Let me ask you a very quick question.

If I could teach you a fun and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE way to switch off completely from the stresses of your daily easily and within less than 5 minutes…….

….Would you be interested?

Just imagine being able to use your computer or phone to shut off and shut out the distractions from your normal routine INSTANTLY:
Expand your inner mind
Enter the deepest levels of your mind, and experience creativity, ideas and solutions to any problems like NEVER before!
Use while at work
Step out of your busy daily working life to recharge and rebalance your energy. Be more productive and content throughout the rest of your day!
Release any stress within seconds
Learn to neutralise any stress so that you can deal with any challenge more effectively. Become more tuned in to an EFFORT FREE life.
Experience a unique altered state
Through a number of uniquely blended tones, let your mind be gently transported into the deepest levels of relaxation,
which usually can only be achieved through years of meditation practice!
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Train your brain to enter natural SLEEP RHYTHMS With Your Eyes Open!
Experience COMPLETE Relaxation and FOCUS for a Better Memory,
Improved Sleep and a More Effective Mind with BREAKTHROUGH
Visual Subliminal Technology

The Rhythm of Your Mind

As you probably realise, your brain operates at certain frequencies, depending on what it’s doing. You’ve probably heard of Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta brainwaves before.

When you are asleep, your brain operates at a much slower and rhythmic level called Delta……. Right now however, as you're reading your brain is producing Beta waves

Once you lower the frequency one level to the so called ALPHA brainwave you enter into a far more effective and highly desirable meditative state of mind, which is attributed to better learning, greater focus, better health and lower stress.

When you learn to meditate its these Alpha frequencies which become naturally entrained.

Meditation is the usual method to achieve altered productive states.

These are the special levels of mental processing which unleash DRAMATIC CHANGES in daily functioning.

I’m talking changes you won’t even BELIEVE until you’ve experienced them for yourself - Deeper Insights. Better self-healing. Blissful happiness. Spiritual connectedness. It’s simply amazing.
But it can take YEARS to achieve -- if not a WHOLE LIFETIME of daily meditation -- to reach those kinds of depths.
Up To Now…..
People have relied on audio technology using binaural beats to artificially adjust brain waves toward Alpha.

What is a binaural beat?

As the name suggests there are two 'bi' sounds played simultaneously into both ears 'aural' at different frequencies which the brain can naturally begin following and adjusting to. The main benefit is that the binaural beat can gradually be slowed down from an erratic and energised Beta state of mind to the much desired Alpha level!

But things just went up a gear!

Experience COMPLETE RELAXATION ….a feeling of being CENTRED on all levels MENTAL and PHYSICAL. Find a way to DETACH FROM YOUR STRESS and come back from the experience CALMER, CLEARER and MORE IN TUNE with the type of thinking that makes you more RESOURCEFUL and PRODUCTIVE

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Turbo Charge Your Meditation With THE POWER OF MOVING PICTURES
BE GUIDED Gently Into The Deepest Levels of Meditation.

A Picture Flicks Our Natural Relaxation Switch

Imagine staring aimlessly into a flickering fire or gazing calmly at a flat lake. The result is a hypnotic trance which has been hardwired over thousands of years of human evolution.

We are naturally more relaxed around tranquil passive scenes because it helps us to connect with an innate reflex which triggers the relaxation response.

Pictures And Binaural Beats A Powerful Combination
The experience with pictures and sounds now enters a new dimension of relaxation. Normally anyone using relaxation products needs to passively let the sounds and guided suggestions ignite their own imagination - with eyes closed , but with Mind-Sync Video you can let the pre-recorded images inspire and enhance your own imagination to a whole new level with your eyes wide open.
What if there was a meditation program you could actually LOOK FORWARD to?
What if you could stop looking at meditation as a dull, boring, back-aching process – and start to GET EXCITED about your next session?
I mean,
REALLY EXCITED. Like, you’re THRILLED because you know you’re touching upon something magical – and knowing it’s making fantastic change in your life.
Wouldn’t THAT make a difference?
Well, that’s exactly what I thought – when I decided to create an early version of “
The Mind-Sync Video” just under a year ago.
It was only an idea based on of our current audio meditation programs, but the idea just began to evolve and grow.
Once we began experimenting with the technology of sound and pictures, we were immediately startled by it's power–
Users have reported being able to enter DEEP STATES of MEDITATION within just MINUTES.
But that isn't all.
They have also reported endorphin rushes, improved visualisation and pleasant physical sensations. Some have had universal and psychic insights - a feeling of “oneness” with everything and hours of blissful meditation in just minutes.
And LONG-STANDING PROBLEMS and ISSUES have seemingly just FADED.

There's NEVER Been a Better Time to Buy This Program!
Buy During November At Our LOWEST PRICE EVER ---

If you would like to experience:
A Whole New Level of meditating
Profound levels of Deep Relaxation
Uncover More Of Your Creativity & Inspiration
Enjoy Better Sleep & Have More Energy!
Find An Ideal Way To Re-Energize Through Your Day
Reduce Your Stress Dramatically
Then you owe it to yourself to grab your copy today………..
So if YOU’D like to begin meditating deeper than someone with years of experience… If YOU’D like to uncover why everyone says meditation is a vital part of the mind body balance… If YOU’D like to discover the SHORTCUT to whole brain thinking and emotional happiness... If YOU’D like to gain insights into the universe... If YOU’D like to release the baggage you’ve been carrying around with you for so long..... If YOU’D like to become happier in general

... Then it’s about time you discovered The Mind-Sync Video!

For the rest of this month I am offering this product for a much reduced price. The price won't stay like this for long.
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Special November Discount

Only £8.99/ $14.00


Not suitable for those with epilepsy. Please read our Terms and Conditions

Price converted to your local currency. Delivered in digital download format.


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….and don't forget that following download you will gain access to 3 Meditation Bonus gifts to take your meditation skills even further.

Thank you for visiting the site today!

Wishing you the very best now and in the future,
David Faratian
Hypnotherapist & Life Coach
Developer of Mind-Sync Audio & Video