EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

What is EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) ?

Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a therapy technique loosely based on the techniques of acupuncture or acupressure. It uses the same basic energy meridians in the body to eliminate physical, emotional and mental issues.
It’s based on a more complex technique called TFT or Thought Field Therapy, created by Roger Callahan.
With EFT, we can learn to balance the energy system of the body to relieve our own issues.

How can it be helpful?

Emotional Freedom Techniques can be used for a variety of different conditions, but is especially helpful when dealing with the following areas

  • Elimination of limiting emotions, moods, feelings and negative attitudes
  • Releasing certain fears and phobias
  • Reprogramming bad habits like biting nails, hair pulling, quick temper or anger management issues
  • Elimination of pain and illness, such as headaches (migraines), back pain, haemorrhoid pain, depression

The holy trinity of treatment

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How does EFT work?

Emotional Freedom Techniques work on the very simple basis that when you tap certain meridians or energy points of the body you trigger the body's ability to unblock any blocked energy which is often the source of many physical conditions including pain and stress.

EFT has been around for thousands of years well before conventional Western medicine was even born. Its simplicity and quick results explain why it is regarded as one of the most popular non conventional methods for self healing.

Here at Cumbria Hypnosis we use EFT as just one of the many psychological tools which can help restore balance to your life. To find out how we can help simply fill out the enquiry form below and request your completely FREE no obligation callback.